Lindsay Claire Pewter decor by Hampshire Pewter

German shorthaired pointer Christmas Ornament



German Shorthaired Pointer=Noble

The German Shorthaired Pointer is affectionate, devoted, friendly, and obedient. They belong to the sporting group and have a life span of about 10-12 years. German Shorthaired Pointer is the results of generations of crossing various breeds until German hunters had this perfected bird dog. “Noble “ and “Aristocrat” have been used to describe this breed and one of the key players in its early development was nobleman, Prince Albrecht zu Solms-Braufels. German Shorthaired Pointers are great hunters of not just gamebirds, but possum, rabbit, raccoon and even deer. They have webbed feet which give them an advantage in water along with their dominance on land.

Christmas Ornament specifications:

  • 2-7/8" high X 2-3/8" wide
  • Hand cast lead-free pewter design
  • Hand polished to a soft finish
  • Packaged in a decorative gift box

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