Hampshire Pewter

Grapes Candle Snuffer

SKU: HSN8763


Grapes symbolize abundance

In the mythology of many ancient cultures, the grape and the grapevine are regarded as sacred. Our grapes candle snuffer is has a grapevine theme. The symbolic meaning of grapes relates to abundance, transformation and fertility. We can marvel at the amazing beauty of nature though grapes. 

Candle extinguisher or douter

Candle snuffers are designed to extinguish candles safely. They were originally invented circa 1776 and called extinguishers or douters. We have combined the safety of candle extinguishing with the symbol of the grape to enhance any decor. They are both practical and beautiful.

Grapes candle snuffer specification:

  • 1-1/2" high X 2-1/2" wide
  • Hand cast lead-free pewter design
  • Hand polished to a soft finish
  • Packaged in poly bag with product information card

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